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Our no sugar added soft dried papaya is naturally sweet, rich. It’s simply papaya with no additives or sweeteners. We source the sweetest and choicest papaya we could find, so the pieces are large and delicious. Product ensures food safety because they are dried in a closed cycle and not exposed to external environment. Let’s try to feel and taste!..

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Soft dried papaya from Loha food with 100% fresh, delicious papaya provides valuable nutrients to help laxative, prevent anemia , liver repair, antioxidant, increase resistance … The product is produced by at Vietnam most loved brand that is committed to strict processes and advanced technology to retain both taste, color and nutritional value for consumers.


                    Soft dried papaya of loha food

Popular fruit in Vietnam

Papaya is a wonderful fruit grown in many tropical countries like Vietnam. Papaya selected by Loha food to make soft dried fruit are the highest quality papaya with thick pulp, rich aroma, and bright colors. The selected orange papaya are large, round, moderately ripe, not broken, but still fragrant and sweet. As a result, Loha food’ soft dried papaya has a natural orange-yellow color, sweet taste without added sugar and many valuable nutrients for our body.

du du say deo

                               Papaya from Vietnam

Nutrition components

Referring to fruit with many nutrients and health benefits, it will be a big mistake not to mention papaya. From the past, the oriental physicians have discovered many health benefits that papaya brings such as cooling, good for liver, laxative, detoxification. Vietnamese people, therefore, like to eat papaya regularly for better health.

Modern science also discovers many important nutritional components of papaya such as vitamin C, carotene, vitamins B1, B2, healthy enzymes, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, carbohydrates, lycopene – an antioxidant… Hence, papaya brings many health benefits for users.

soft dried papaya

                                Papaya contain high nutrition value

Dozen of health benefits

  • Good for blood, improves heart health.
  • Restore liver for people who have just suffered from malaria.
  • Anti-oxidant, increase resistance.
  • Aids in digestion, good for the stomach.
  • Strengthen immune system, improve eyesight.
  • Reduce your risk of certain types of cancer.
  • Prevents problems like atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease.
  • Lowering cholesterol helps to limit heart attacks and strokes.
  • Good for dieters and weight loss people.
  • The enzymes in papaya, especially papain and chymopapain, help reduce inflammation.
  • Prevent asthma and reduce the risk of pneumonia.
  • Strengthens bones.
  • Good for skin and hair, helps to regulate menstruation for women.
  • Support the healing of skin wounds.

soft dried papaya

                                    Loha food’ soft dried papaya

  • A snack between main meals for added nutrition and energy.
  • Healthy gifts for friends, relatives, partners and colleagues.
  • Ingredients added to desserts and drinks for more color, taste and aroma.
  • Use it with breakfast to kick off the day with a full flavor and energy.
If you are in need of buying soft dried papaya with attractive aroma, sweet and supple flavor. If you are looking to buy soft dried papaya from a reliable manufacturer with clear information on origin and quality. Please contact Loha food for further advice.
  •  Long Hung Imex Co., Ltd
  • Nam Son Village, Quang Trung Ward, Thong Nhat District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam Country.

   + 84 985141767


Packaging soft dried papaya

Packed in PE 0.5kg or 01kg; as specific customer requirement.


Storage Conditions

Store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight

Shelf Life
See on the packaging

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