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Dry fruit:

Dried fruit is one of the snacks that is no longer strange and is one of the favorite snacks of many people because of its deliciousness, attractiveness and nutrition when it comes to ripe fruits. , fresh and delicious are loved by Vietnamese consumers of all ages. With ingredients from fresh fruits combined with modern drying technology to create delicious crispy dried fruit products but still retain the natural flavor of fresh fruit. Let's go with Loha food to learn about this snack!


1. What is dried fruit?

Dried fruit is a product made from natural fresh fruits, through the process of handling and processing by modern drying technology at a temperature of 500C – 700C, losing some of the water and removing some of the water. impurities in fresh fruit. After drying reaches a certain dryness, it will be removed. Thereby helping the fruit to be dry, delicious and crispy while still retaining the characteristic flavor of each fruit.

2. Benefits from fruits and dried fruits:

Eating fruit every day helps fight inflammation, prevent chronic diseases, strengthen gut health, help rehydrate, beautify skin and support weight loss.

Besides delicious taste, refreshing effect, fruit contains many vitamins, minerals and fiber, is a healthy food source, easy to find in daily life.

2.1 Health benefits of dried fruit

Dried fruits bring a particularly good source of nutrients for the body with nutrients that can be mentioned such as: isoquercitrin, astragalin, methyl gallate antioxidant compounds, anti-cancer gallic acid, glutamic acid to help focus memory, Vitamin A helps to brighten the eyes and other effects can be mentioned such as:

- Reduce serum cholesterol, improve dyslipidemia

- Reduce inflammation, prevent chronic diseases

- Prevent migraines and improve memory with glutamic acid

- Beautify skin with anti-acne Vitamins A, C, smooth and bright skin

- Improve eyesight, prevent dry eyes and night blindness

- Control stress, effectively fight depression

- Sugar helps in easy digestion and absorption of nutrients

- Helps keep the gut healthy

- Provides minerals and fiber for the body

- Reduce the burden on the stomach, increase blood circulation

- Supports weight loss

2.2 Benefits of dried fruit in terms of convenience

The characteristic of dried fruit products is that they can be preserved for a long time. With natural fresh fruits, the shelf life can be from 3 to 4 days or 1 week if in freezer conditions. But for dried fruits, the preservation can last up to 6 months or even more than a year. Therefore, when there are too many unused fresh fruits, drying will be a way for you to preserve them and not waste them.

On the other hand, dried fruits not only taste delicious but are also very convenient to carry. Above all, the source of Vitamins in dried fruit will be an energy reserve for you to play all day long. Besides, the color of dried fruits can also create accents for the images saved in each extreme experience trip.

2.3 Some other advantages

Keep the full flavor, nutritional composition and color of fresh fruit.

Neat and convenient packaging, bags and jars

Make delicate, polite gifts with many meanings for family, friends, partners, relatives.

The product is not fried in oil, so there is no oil seepage.


3. Types of dried fruit on the market today

Dried fruit has many types, most of fresh fruits can be dried such as dried bananas, dried grapes, dried strawberries, dried jackfruit, ... all retain their delicious taste, quality of fruit to consumers. But at Loha food only specializes in drying the following types:

3.1 Dried jackfruit

Loha food's famous dried product is chosen by many users. Dried jackfruit has a bright yellow color, a deep sweetness, a crunchy taste, and a delicious smell of ripe jackfruit, which is delicious and attractive to the palate, but also provides many nutrients, which will definitely bring a strange taste to you, with 100 % natural jackfruit, natural color and flavor, the production process ensures food safety and hygiene.

3.2 Dried bananas

Dried bananas have a natural sweetness, and the slight bitterness of bananas plus its crispness will help stimulate the taste buds, conquering the most demanding guests. Sipping a piece of dried banana next to a cup of warm tea has become a habit of many people.

3.3 Mixed dried fruits

Mixed dried fruit is a mixture of many types of vegetables and fruits together to create more eye-catching vivid images with different colors of each fruit, but still retain the individual characteristics of each type of vegetable. They are used as snacks or appetizers at parties.

4. What is the current price of dried fruits?

Currently, the price of dried fruit has many different prices, but the factor to decide the price for a product will often depend on the quality, quantity, raw materials, packaging and packaging of the product. that product.

5. Where to buy quality dried fruit?

Dried fruit is now too familiar to consumers. However, there are many types of dried fruits of unknown origin, widely sold in the market, confusing customers and not knowing where to choose from. Therefore, a reputable quality dried fruit brand will meet the needs of consumers and bring safety to their users.

6. Loha food dried fruit

As a company specializing in supplying dried fruits in Vietnam, specializing in exporting products from Vietnamese dried agricultural products to foreign markets. That's why Loha food's dried fruit products always meet international standards and above all, behind each product, there is a meaning and an idea that the health of the user comes first.

In addition, Loha food's dried fruit products are always processed and strictly quality controlled through a closed production process and modern drying technology so that each finished product reaches consumers' standards. best quality. Currently, we are supplying to the market two types of dried fruit: dried fruit, dried fruit.

If you have a need to buy dried fruit and dried fruit products from a reliable manufacturer, there is clear information about origin and quality. Please contact Loha food for more advice.


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